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Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Mobile Game Business

What is the cost per install for different game genres? Where are the hottest market opportunities? Which game genres are played the most? In our January Chartboost Power-Up Report, we provide you with everything you need to know to grow your mobile game business.



We’ll help you efficiently find new players and monetize your mobile games by revealing powerful data that answers your mobile game business questions.


Read this 16-page report to learn:


  • Which Countries Are Growing the Fastest?
  • Where Are People Playing Mobile Games the Most?
  • What Are the CPIs in Different Countries?
  • What Is the Cost per Install for Different Game Genres?
  • When Do People Play Mobile Games the Most?
  • Which Game Categories Are the Most Popular?
  • Which Platform is Most Popular for Action Games?
  • What is the Top OS in Each Region?
  • What Is the Top OS in APAC Countries?
  • Which Versions of iOS Are the Most Competitive?
  • Which Google Play OS Versions Generate the Most Money?
  • Which Google Play Devices Drive the Most Ad Revenue?
  • PLUS a downloadable spreadsheet with country-by-country OS share breakdowns that you can use to optimize your campaigns.
  • AND dozens of Optimization Tips that you can use today to accelerate your game portfolio’s growth.


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Greg DiPaolo

You’re Invited! Chartboost GDC Party

We’re throwing a party during GDC to celebrate you! You amaze us every day with the awesome games you create. We want to celebrate the fun you’ve brought to mobile.
Chartboost GDC Party
Tuesday, March 3 | 7 p.m.
420 Taylor Street, San Francisco

Come join us at our San Francisco headquarters for a night of networking, games and pretty much the best time ever with other amazing mobile game developers!

RSVP now to reserve your spot as space is limited. Feel free to forward the invite to any other folks in the mobile game development community.


RSVP Today


Scott Reyburn

Dirtybit’s Revenue Surges by 70% After Integrating Mobile Rewarded Video Ads from Chartboost


“We already generate terrific revenue with Chartboost’s static interstitials. Then our revenue surged by 70% after integrating rewarded video ads. With Chartboost, we get both interstitial and video ads in one product.”

-Erlend Børslid Haugsdal

CEO & co-founder, Dirtybit


The Story


Dirtybit is a mobile game startup hailing from Bergen, Norway. Founded in 2011, Dirtybit’s wildly popular real-time multiplayer games Fun Run and Fun Run 2 have been downloaded by over 60 million players worldwide to date.

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Cori Savaiano

New Dashboard: Manage Your Mobile Marketing and Monetization Campaigns More Efficiently

Cori Savaiano is a product manager at Chartboost.


The Chartboost dashboard you know and love is now cleaner, smarter and more efficient. Now you can manage your mobile marketing and monetization campaigns faster and more easily in the visually overhauled dashboard, leaving you more time to focus on what’s most important–creating awesome mobile games.



Explore the Dashboard Now


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Omar Ramirez

CBC London Recap: Empowering Local Developers with Mobile Game User Acquisition Tips and Tricks

The London mobile game development community converged on The Shooting Star for Chartboost Connect (CBC) London last week.



After chowing down on pies and knocking back a couple cask ales, the packed crowd turned their attention toward my talk on mobile game user acquisition tips. In particular, here’s what my conversation focused on:


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Pepe Agell

Worldwide Expansion

PG Connects Recap: How to Keep Players Coming Back to Your Mobile Game


I’ll be back. Not that I’ll be back, but your players will be back. That was the theme of my talk at Pocket Gamer Connects London, which was done in the fast-paced, 20×20 (20 slides for 20 seconds each) format called Pecha Kucha. Below I’ve recapped the story I told that sheds light on vital data to help you understand how to reconnect with your existing players.


Every story has a beginning. The same could be said for every amazing mobile game in this industry. Developers pour hours of engineering and creative work into building the best gameplay experiences possible. But a game is nothing without players. The tricky part is facing the market and growing a community of engaged players.


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Scott Reyburn

3 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Game Monetization Right Now

Over some pizza and a couple pints of beer, our European team hosted the local mobile game development community at our Amsterdam office last Thursday–empowering them to increase their mobile game monetization opportunities. Below you’ll find three tips to improve your mobile game monetization right now that our European team shared last week. Whether you’re an indie or a leading publisher, these tips will assist you in accelerating your mobile game business.



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Scott Reyburn

Holiday Game Session Boom Impacts CPIs Globally

Now that the holiday rush is over, we dug through the piles of wrapping paper to retrieve December CPI data just for you. The CPI trends in 2014 were eerily similar to the trends in 2013, with advertisers getting more bang for their buck by acquiring more users with the same or lower bids. When the school year ended and companies went on holiday in December, there was a jolt in game sessions across all platforms in the Chartboost Network. Naturally, we saw CPIs drop across the Network due to the traffic explosion.



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Nate Barker

Jump-Start the New Year with Chartboost

What better way to kick off the New Year than attending one of our many upcoming events. Come hang out with us and other developers to discuss the latest and greatest trends in mobile game design, monetization, and key optimization strategies to boost your Chartboost campaigns. We are hosting a series of events to help take your mobile game business to the next level, and we hope to see you at one of them. And if you don’t see an event near you, drop us a line and let us know where you’d like to see a future event.


Pocket Gamer Connects (London) – January 13-14
Our own Pepe Agell is taking his expertise on the road, and heading for London. Come hear his informative talk that will help you accelerate your mobile game business. Register Now


Chartboost Connect London – January 15
London is calling out our name. So we’re packing our bags and heading to London to host Chartboost Connect at The Shooting Star pub. We’re opening the night with an enlightening presentation on the best practices and tips for acquiring quality players. Bring your appetite for learning as well as food (and drinks), as all of the food and rounds of pints will be on us! Sign Me Up

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Scott Reyburn

9 Mobile Game Monetization Questions Your CEO Wishes You Would Ask

Do you know what mobile game monetization questions matter to your boss? In our December Power-Up Report, which is loaded with data and created exclusively for mobile game developers, we share the 9 most burning monetization questions that matter to your CEO. Oh yeah, we share the answers too!


From monetizing your mobile games to acquiring players, answering these 9 questions will empower you to reach higher gaming revenues.


What you’ll find in this comprehensive 13-page report:

  • 9 questions (along with answers) to help you accelerate your mobile game monetization
  • Data and key insights to help you drive higher revenue for your mobile game
  • Various explanations detailing why these 9 mobile game monetization questions are important and how to answer each one
  • FREE BONUS! A downloadable spreadsheet with country-by-country OS share breakdowns that you can use to optimize your campaigns and deliver outsized returns.


    Access the free report by clicking the download button below, and show your boss that you can “power-up” the revenue from your mobile games today!


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