Nate Barker

Nate Barker is a Developer Evangelist for Chartboost.

Jump-Start the New Year with Chartboost

What better way to kick off the New Year than attending one of our many upcoming events. Come hang out with us and other developers to discuss the latest and greatest trends in mobile game design, monetization, and key optimization strategies to boost your Chartboost campaigns. We are hosting a series of events to help take your mobile game business to the next level, and we hope to see you at one of them. And if you don’t see an event near you, drop us a line and let us know where you’d like to see a future event.


Pocket Gamer Connects (London) – January 13-14
Our own Pepe Agell is taking his expertise on the road, and heading for London. Come hear his informative talk that will help you accelerate your mobile game business. Register Now


Chartboost Connect London – January 15
London is calling out our name. So we’re packing our bags and heading to London to host Chartboost Connect at The Shooting Star pub. We’re opening the night with an enlightening presentation on the best practices and tips for acquiring quality players. Bring your appetite for learning as well as food (and drinks), as all of the food and rounds of pints will be on us! Sign Me Up

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Scott Reyburn

9 Mobile Game Monetization Questions Your CEO Wishes You Would Ask

Do you know what mobile game monetization questions matter to your boss? In our December Power-Up Report, which is loaded with data and created exclusively for mobile game developers, we share the 9 most burning monetization questions that matter to your CEO. Oh yeah, we share the answers too!


From monetizing your mobile games to acquiring players, answering these 9 questions will empower you to reach higher gaming revenues.


What you’ll find in this comprehensive 13-page report:

  • 9 questions (along with answers) to help you accelerate your mobile game monetization
  • Data and key insights to help you drive higher revenue for your mobile game
  • Various explanations detailing why these 9 mobile game monetization questions are important and how to answer each one
  • FREE BONUS! A downloadable spreadsheet with country-by-country OS share breakdowns that you can use to optimize your campaigns and deliver outsized returns.


    Access the free report by clicking the download button below, and show your boss that you can “power-up” the revenue from your mobile games today!


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Steve Kim

Business Insights Analyst

Holiday Rush Drives CPIs Down in November

After two straight months of stable CPI rates on iOS and Google Play globally, rates went into decline in November. In particular, CPIs decreased by 4.8% on Google Play, 17.3% on iOS and 25.5% on Amazon. If last year was any indication, a decrease in CPI rates was expected.


During the gift-giving season, there’s a wealth of new gamers cramming their new mobile devices with games as well as existing gamers playing even more games. The higher supply of gamers equates to less competitive bidding for installs. That’s music to publisher and advertiser ears alike. Publishers will witness more people playing their games, and advertisers will have an easier time finding new gamers.



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Scott Reyburn

Give Your Creatives the Seal of Approval with the Best Holiday Games Badge

We’re not stopping with the decorative holiday frames as the only gift to show our appreciation for you this holiday season. For a second gift, we’d like to furnish you with a tailor-made, Best Holiday Games badge. Improve your creative’s conversion by using this badge to give your app the seal of approval as one of the best holiday games for the holiday season.



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Scott Reyburn

Top Creatives: How to Select a Color for Call-to-Action Buttons

In a mobile game ad creative, you want to grab a gamer’s attention, attempting to persuade him or her to click-through to a desired app store and download a game. A call-to-action (CTA) button is a visual element within many ad creatives that’s meant to entice a gamer to click it and go to a game’s app store page.


Color is one of the most powerful visual cues to consider in a CTA button. Your choice of color can be the difference between getting a gamer to click-through or not. For the uninitiated, color is more than just a visual property. Colors can evoke different emotions in people, resulting in different reactions. For example, red elicits good luck in China, while the same emotion is associated with green in North America.

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Steve Kim

Business Insights Analyst

Global CPIs Stand Pat in October

We saved you the best treat for last. Although the coffin is sealed shut on Halloween, that didn’t stop us from digging up October CPI data in the Chartboost Network. In October, global CPI rates on iOS and Google Play were stable. Minor fluctuations month-over-month among iOS and Google Play wasn’t too surprising. The trend most likely points toward advertisers preparing for a hectic holiday season.



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Scott Reyburn

GameChanger SF Dives Into Chartboost’s CPI Data

Data is power. Every month, we empower any size game developer to be successful by releasing average CPI data monthly. Past CBU speaker Phil Shpilberg, president of mobile marketing company GameChanger SF, recently crunched our publicly available average CPI data.


We share this kind of data on the Chartboost Blog because “transparency” is our middle name. Insight into CPI trends by country and platform grants game developers access to data that will help them drive user acquisition cost down and profitability up.


We’d like to give a thank you to Phil for his flattering words about Chartboost and for sharing our CPI data.


And don’t forget to find out why over 90% of the top iOS and Android developers globally use Chartboost to acquire high quality players and monetize their games by signing up today!

Scott Reyburn

Focus on Localization to Find Worldwide Niches Everyone is Ignoring

Today’s guest post comes from Evaldo Rossi, Founder of WordData – App Store Optimization (ASO).


Although the trend points to an ever-increasingly connected world, you can’t expect that it’s possible to run the same marketing campaign worldwide and get the same results. Even with globalization, the one-size-fits-all approach probably won’t work. Cultural, lingual and economic barriers keep that from being a feasible plan. And this translates (no pun intended) to the iOS App Store.



In order to optimize your app’s performance worldwide, you have to—at the very least—localize your marketing assets. You must make a serious effort. You have to hire freelancers to translate all marketing copy (app name, description, screenshots), upload copy for each language to an app store (five sets with five screenshots each), and perform keyword research and optimization for each market.


Basically, if you want to market your app in other countries, you must apply App Store Optimization (ASO) for each language.


And therein lies opportunity. Hidden gems and unexplored niches await you in your localized ASO. It’s hard to find these gems, but that’s why they are there. By optimizing for a specific language, you will increase the number of downloads from your campaign, resulting in a cheaper eCPI and better worldwide performance.
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Scott Reyburn

Dress-Up Your Interstitials With These Halloween-Themed Frames

Chartboost is getting into the spooky spirit in preparation for Halloween next week and so should you. We’re busy pumpkin carving, telling scary stories, and of course, filling cauldrons with loads of candy for trick-or-treaters. Hop on our broomstick and join us for frightful Halloween by using these free, custom Halloween-themed frames for your games.


Get your ghoul on with a couple of different frames to choose from: “Body Parts” and “Evil Jack (O’ Lanterns).”


Download them here