Pepe Agell

Worldwide Expansion

GDC Survival Guide

The Game Developer Conference (GDC) is the highlight of all conferences in our industry. From March 17th to 21st, San Francisco becomes the absolute capital of game development. The opportunities for developers big and small are tremendous, but it can also get overwhelming if you are not well prepared.


Here’s our survival guide to successfully move through the maelstrom. Are you ready?


Define your goals and rehearse your pitch. Be specific when setting up meetings, and let them know what you want to talk about. Whether you are here to learn from peer developers or to look for a publisher/investor, you need to have a compelling story and value proposition. For additional tips about pitching, check out our CBU talk from GamesBeat Editor-in-Chief Dan Hsu, Pitching to the Press.



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Stephanie Lin

Marketing Manager

Chartboost University: It Has Begun!

At Chartboost, school is officially back in session. On Wednesday, we welcomed 9 talented developer teams to our San Francisco headquarters to learn, grow and get inspired by top minds in the mobile games business.


The day was jam-packed with activities, including a keynote from our founder, Maria Alegre and a special talk from Dustin Clingman, Head Chair of the International Game Developers Association. This was followed by a night of demos and presentations in front of the entire Chartboost team and CBU faculty mentors. We don’t call Chartboost University a developer bootcamp for nothing.


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Steve Kim

Business Insights Analyst

Post-Holiday CPIs Normalize in February

With the month of February behind us, let’s take a look at how the average cost per install on the Chartboost network fared during the month of love.


Post-Holiday CPIs Normalize in February


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Andrew Kasbari

Publisher Onboarding Specialist

The Chartboost Best Practices Playbook

Over the past three years, we have been releasing blog posts to help game developers learn how to use Chartboost’s products to their fullest potential. Because we receive requests for this information, we decided to consolidate everything for you! Now you can focus on developing the best games, while we focus on helping you build the best business.

Last Updated: 3/17/2014
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Andrew Kasbari

Publisher Onboarding Specialist

Ready, Set, Target!

As an advertiser, your goal is to acquire a healthy volume of high quality players at the right price. If you’ve just launched and are still figuring out your best monetization strategy, it’ll be best to advertise your game in all the countries it’s live in. However, if you already know which countries your high-quality users come from, it’s best to efficiently use your advertising dollars and target those countries with a stronger advertising hand.


Target by Country
Player spending habits vary by country. A player in Malaysia may spend a lot less in your game than someone in the United States, so you may want to bid less on users in the former. With our country tiering feature, you’ll be able to break your campaigns into country tiers, or even individual countries. Using the bidding insights page explained in the next paragraph, you’ll be able to intelligently target your highest-value countries with competitive bids. The idea is to bid smart so you’re spending wisely.


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Scott Yoo

Know Your Reach with Audience Size Indicator

We’re always thinking of ways to provide greater transparency into your campaigns. That’s why today, we’re excited to roll out our Audience Size Indicator (ASI). ASI processes billions of user sessions in real-time to help you understand the potential reach of your Network Advertising campaigns according to the specific targets you set. The benefits?


  • Provides more clarity around the impact of your targeting choices.
  • Gives you visibility into the reach of a particular campaign to allow for increased efficiency.


Check it out here:


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Milene Darnis

Business Intelligence Analyst

Chartboost Insights Featured in Latest Distimo Publication

Every month we release updated numbers on CPIs per country and platform so that you have visibility and control over how to run the best performing campaigns for your games. Whether you’re a developer trying to gain exposure outside of the U.S., for example, or trying to target new and emerging markets, our Chartboost devs take our monthly CPI heat map and will use that knowledge to make smarter decisions on where to invest.


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Andrew Kasbari

Publisher Onboarding Specialist

Getting Creative with Creatives

Breaking out in the mobile gaming market can be a bit daunting. With all the competition and awesome games out there, how can you make sure that your game will not go unnoticed? When marketing your game to other users, you’ll need to grab their attention with well designed and logically optimized creatives. In this post, we’ll go over a few best practices surrounding advertising creatives!


New Creatives System
To start off, we wanted to let you know about our new and improved creatives system. No more spending hours on creatives just so you can reach the wide range of devices in the market. If you provide us with three aspect ratios (a total of six resolutions – three portrait, three landscape), our system will automatically convert the creatives so that they fit with almost all iOS and Android devices.

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David Hom

Love Notes, Revealed #WeHeartDevs

Happy Valentines Day.


Ten days ago, we officially kicked off #WeHeartDevs, a project that aims to bring the game development community closer together. We invited developers around the world to express their passion for their favorite games, with the promise that we’d share their stories via Twitter and Facebook starting February 14th.


Well, Cupid’s holiday is finally here, and we’re ready to reveal some of your love notes (in 140 characters or less :D ) Continue reading