Thomas Berolzheimer

Business Intelligence Analyst

Top Creatives: Fashion & Lifestyle

If you’ve been watching the mobile games headlines in the last month, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the release of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood by Glu Games. Going beyond the headlines and into the Chartboost Network, there’s a lot of interest in fashion & lifestyle games driving solid CTR rates and, for the top performers, great impression-to-install conversion.


Let’s look at the creatives driving success and identify the best qualities to consider.


Strike a Pose
With the focus on fashion and a luxurious lifestyle, it’s important to make sure your creatives look the part. Choosing clear images that make a strong impression up front quickly conveys to potential players what the focus of your game is. Putting a fashionable avatar front and center reinforces the focus, and adding in accessories to indicate the “dress-up” facet will help complete the gameplay story.


Fashion Salon
Covet Fashion

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Craig Dalrymple

Solving Big Data with MongoDB Chartboost @ Rackspace::Solve

Chartboost’s CTO and Co-Founder Sean Fannan talks tech, scalability, and engineering at Rackspace::Solve. His talk focuses on the opportunities and challenges of building a rapidly growing startup; including his thoughts on the benefits of stepping back to think before acting on impulse when you are building something that has to scale.


Craig Dalrymple

Recap: Chartboost Connect Vancouver

Chartboost and the IGDA Vancouver were out in full force for Chartboost Connect at the Full Indie Summit in Vancouver. Spirits were high and the energy was great as we packed the Anza Club and enjoyed a fireside chat with Alexandre Mandryka and then transitioned into a mixer with great food and drinks.



If you couldn’t attend and missed the chat, Alexandre talked about multiple facets of game design touching on the impact of free-to-play, mobile devices, and his thoughts on going indie. A few choice quotes from Alexandre included:

“[We need to] stop talking about mobile games as casual… They can require dedication.”


“Dedicated gamers have the [mobile] devices and are ready to pay if they like the game.”


“The future of mobile games is outside mobile. It’s trans-platform. [In 2020] I hope the way we make games is not about devices, but an experience we are immersed in everywhere…” Continue reading

Steve Kim

Business Insights Analyst

July CPIs Show Strong Summer Growth

It’s time to take a look at CPIs on the Chartboost Network for July 2014. Looking at the overall picture, CPIs rose for most major devices and markets. As you may already know, summer tends to be a season when players are spending more time (and money) on their mobile games, and competition among bids increases. It looks like this summer is no exception, as we saw clear growth across all three platforms.


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Cori Savaiano

New for Direct Deals – Edit Notifications

Advertisers and Publishers who connect via Direct Deals enjoy the ability to negotiate agreements directly (cutting out the middle-man) and keep 100% of the revenue generated. We’re making it easier than ever to negotiate with Edit Notifications. These notifications make it simple to stay aware of changes with your Direct Deal partner as they take place always keeping you in the loop. Ultimately, it enhances transparency in the deal by ensuring that all parties are aware of changes as they happen.


You’ll get an Edit Notification email every time your partner updates one of the following items:

  • Bids Budgets
  • Campaign Names
  • Campaign Start & End Times
  • Countries
  • Creative Allocations
  • Included & Excluded Devices
  • Min & Max OS version
  • Publishing Apps
  • Wifi Targeting (iOS only)

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Maria Alegre

CEO & Co-Founder

Chartboost Chukong

We’re Expanding Our Global Footprint & Leveling Up the Mobile Game Market In Partnership with Chukong


I’m in China at ChinaJoy, one of the largest gaming conferences in the world, where we’ve just announced a very exciting partnership with Chukong. Together, we believe we will be stronger in empowering developers around the world to reach their full potential.


Mobile game developers are facing very dynamic times right now: there’s fierce competition from many different directions and the entire mobile gaming market is growing rapidly. We want to be at the forefront and we have the opportunity to disrupt the current trajectory of continued fragmentation of Chinese mobile game developers by bringing power to the developers.


Our strategic partnership will build a global ecosystem for Chinese developers that creates opportunities beyond anything else that currently exists. Together, we will deliver great mobile products that empower Chinese game developers to find new players and monetize their games through higher retention, increased advertising revenue, and greater transparency and control of their campaigns.
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Thomas Berolzheimer

Business Intelligence Analyst

Top Creatives: The Big Game in Sports

Are you an advertiser looking for high value users in a segment that many ignore? Well, sports is where the action is! Sports publishers have extremely valuable users, yet their eCPM is typically around average for the Chartboost Network. This segment offers a wide open field of gamers who may be an ideal targeting opportunity for your next campaign.


Football Rush


For Sports Advertisers
If your game is in the Sports category, you have a built in advantage, and connecting to players of Sports games with your games should be a snap. The affinity for your game is likely to be higher due to established player interest in the category. A well developed creative should communicate this connection clearly to players – reducing the chance of disinterest in the advertisement.
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Craig Dalrymple

Summer BBQ Housewarming Party Recap

We’re so glad everyone made it out to Chartboost’s Summer BBQ Housewarming! The new HQ was packed last night with developers in town for Casual Connect, as well as our favorite Bay Area friends.


Everyone had a great time mixing it up with live music, great food, cocktails, and even a few romps in the Chartboost ball pit! If you missed the party, here’s some of what you missed:


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Thomas Berolzheimer

Business Intelligence Analyst

How One Advertiser Improved User Acquisition by 204%

Chartboost is constantly improving our targeting options for developers. We know that allowing developers to fully customize their campaigns will help them achieve amazing results. This is why many of our recent features and blogs have focused on Categories – they allow you to reach players with improved context.


We recently improved our capabilities around category targeting where previously, campaigns could only exclude categories. Now campaigns can target categories specifically:


Network Advertising Campaigns

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Pepe Agell

Worldwide Expansion

The Golden (Advertising) Opportunity: Asia – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we made a pretty compelling argument why developers should take a closer look at SEA, China and India as huge market opportunities, but allocating budget is only half the battle. The other half lies in being smart about how to optimize your campaigns for success, which is why we’re going to take a stroll down “Best Practices” memory lane, that work in all geos, but particularly well in these countries.


Great Creatives


If you’re looking at running test campaigns in these markets, you should know that English creatives do actually perform well. That said, most advertisers have had improved performance by localizing their creatives. Here are a couple of top creative examples:


Top Creative on iOS in China
(Top Creative on iOS in China)

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